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Steve has been building community his entire life…
He can’t help it. Everything he does turns into a movement.

Hobbies – Humanitarian work – Fortune 500 – Small businesses

Now, after 30 years, he is teaching and applying what he has learned about building communities
to help cities, community organizations, small businesses and nonprofits.

Vibrant Community Consulting
Steve Fredlund, MBA, FSA


Steve is the rare individual who navigates complex topics with ease… who can impart groundbreaking ideas with charm and subtlety, allowing participants to remain open to his unique message. I’ve personally witnessed a “cold room” become charged with purpose.

“Charged with Purpose”Shaun Johnson

There is a Chinese proverb, “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” Steve is a builder of “windmills”, a builder of ideas and actions that transform minds, people, and produce results.

“Transforming Minds”Laura Smith

Our leadership team had one two-hour meeting to clarify our vision, mission and purpose. The difference in our team since that meeting is simply blowing me away

“Mind-blowing Difference”Dorothy Radermacher

Steve is rare in that he is smart, authentic, AND approachable. He has a lot to say, AND he’s a good listener. He can’t resist a good question, and he excels at exploring those questions in practical ways. I would highly recommend Steve as a consultant with integrity, smarts, real-world experience, and a down-to-earth approach.

“Smart & Authentic”Jason Doan

In everything he does, he believes in the power of community—and this means that when you work with him you don’t just passively receive wisdom, you bring an active and valued voice to the process.

“Power of Community”Chris Jones

Beyond demonstrating the highest levels of professional competency and integrity, his leadership skills and lifelong learning commitment are apparent. He has consistently demonstrated the unique ability to serve strategically with a true spirit of service to others

“Spirit of Service”Greg Carlson


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Vibrant Community Consulting

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Really fun piece by Twin Cities Live - great job representing our community by Rendezvous, Leader and North Folk Winery.

Vibrant Community Consulting

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Introducing Kelly Sweeney Nelson from Braham Event Center. In this episode, learn more about the non-profit organization that provides services to East Central MN and

Vibrant Community Consulting

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Well, What can a Small Community in a BIG Country Do? Watch this video from NowThis to know what Small Communities can achieve. Happy Saturday!