We Know Our Stuff

Steve Fredlund spent 30 years bringing clarity and innovative solutions to large corporations (Allianz, Medtronic, Thrivent, 3M) in functions such as actuarial, capital markets hedging, and workforce analytics.

Steve earned an MBA, a degree in mathematics, fellowship with the Society of Actuaries (FSA), and certification in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP). He has an overlapping 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience including service on six boards and 11 years as volunteer Executive Director doing humanitarian work in Rwanda.

Steve has spent the past two years focused on helping owners of small businesses optimize their results by guiding them toward the clear vision, aligned strategies, and effective execution.


We Are Comfortable in All Situations

We understand what it means to be a large organization wanting to be more effective; or being a medium size company or nonprofit needing to figure out how to get past the current plateau; or a small group with big dreams and an uncertain path to breakthrough.

But we don’t just understand from a practical, tangible perspective; we understand each of these from a visceral, emotional perspective. We know the impact of your emotional state and we know how to help you navigate the impact of everything from hubris to imposter syndrome.


We Are Relatable

Unlike many consultants, you will be comfortable talking with us immediately. Although highly qualified to guide you to greater levels of success, we don’t let that go to our heads.

We are not going to talk with you using “consultant speak” for the sake of sounding impressive; our goal is not to impress you but to guide you to new levels of success.

“Steve has an amazing ability to cut through layers of an issue,
ask pointed questions, and help bring clarity to complex situations”

Stacey Nelson


The Vibrant Community team is not interested in positioning themselves as the hero of your transformation; instead you are the hero. We are passionate about your success and reaching new levels of sustainable impact; we will work hard to make sure you achieve the breakthrough you are looking for. But we we know your long-term success is based on a model of self-sustainability; we can be the catalyst and igniter, but this is YOUR community or organization to lead into the future

You will not meet consultants more passionate about community and organizational growth than Steve Fredlund and his team. Clients continually comment about Steve’s passion serving as a catalyst or igniter for then and leadership teams. Let’s face it, many consultants that specialize in community development or strategic planning are not exactly exciting people…but Steve’s passion is infectious.

Thousands of consultants do “Strategic Planning” and almost all of them have a fixed structure into which they shoehorn every client. While this approach is easier, it is suboptimal and not how we do things. Instead we are driven by the intersection of our community-building principles and ability to ask the right questions. We take the extra time throughout the process to customize our approach to specifically align to your vision, strategies, and needs.

The passion Steve exudes is not an act; he does not just say the ‘right things’ to ignite a reaction. Instead, he speaks from the heart with an true desire to see individuals, organizations, and communities transformed. Steve willingly shares his excitement about projects he is involved with, and intentionally chooses only those for which he can bring his full authentic self.