It Starts with Vision…

The most important element in building a vibrant community is a clear and compelling vision.

I admit that sounds cliche; there is no way around that. But most of the time the search for this results in a vision statement rather than a vision; a far-too-long unremarkable series of words that look good on letterhead but never find their way to our hearts.

A vision statement that people can’t remember and doesn’t stir our hearts does not compete with a vision that makes me want to throw on my shoes, grab my keys, and yell “let’s go” as I’m running out the door. It’s time we have visions that can celebrate; the fuel our passion and drive all of us to great things.

A clear and compelling vision is not sufficient by itself for vibrant community. But we have no chance without it.

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Culture is critical to every organization; and it is hard to change it once it is set. In a culture of authenticity, members are free to hold leaders accountable when they sense there is movement away from the vision. This accountability is welcomed, because it ensures alignment to the vision that is fueling momentum.

In many ways authenticity becomes the safety net to keep the vision safe when decisions are being made that are not aligned.


Most of us have no idea the impact ‘defaults’ have in our lives. Many of our relationships were inherited. We are significantly influenced by our environment about what we should believe about faith, politics, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race and ethnicity. Many of our hobbies were simply passed down: hunting, fishing, reading, and poker. Why do we have our favorite sports teams? Usually because we grew up learning how to root for them. We are even set out in a certain course as we consider the value of education, our brand of toothpaste, if we put up. a real or fake Christmas tree, and even our favorite music genre.

In countries where becoming an organ donor is the default, typically more than 90% become listed. Meanwhile, countries where the individuals need to opt-in, only 10-15% become donors. Why? Because we have an extremely strong bias toward the default.

Once we realize how strong the pull of defaults in on our lives, we become aware how few of our decisions were actually made intentionally. Most of us personally, and many of our organizations and governments, have settled for the default, not even aware that the options available to us are far more expansive than we have ever realized.

“Steve has an uncanny ability to separate the signal from the noise. The clarity with which he delivers information to a broad range of audiences is superb.”

Tom Paustian


Steve is the rare individual who navigates complex topics with ease… who can impart groundbreaking ideas with charm and subtlety, allowing participants to remain open to his unique message. I’ve personally witnessed a “cold room” become charged with purpose.

“Charged with Purpose”Shaun Johnson

There is a Chinese proverb, “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” Steve is a builder of “windmills”, a builder of ideas and actions that transform minds, people, and produce results.

“Transforming Minds”Laura Smith

Our leadership team had one two-hour meeting to clarify our vision, mission and purpose. The difference in our team since that meeting is simply blowing me away

“Mind-blowing Difference”Dorothy Radermacher

Steve is rare in that he is smart, authentic, AND approachable. He has a lot to say, AND he’s a good listener. He can’t resist a good question, and he excels at exploring those questions in practical ways. I would highly recommend Steve as a consultant with integrity, smarts, real-world experience, and a down-to-earth approach.

“Smart & Authentic”Jason Doan

In everything he does, he believes in the power of community—and this means that when you work with him you don’t just passively receive wisdom, you bring an active and valued voice to the process.

“Power of Community”Chris Jones

Beyond demonstrating the highest levels of professional competency and integrity, his leadership skills and lifelong learning commitment are apparent. He has consistently demonstrated the unique ability to serve strategically with a true spirit of service to others

“Spirit of Service”Greg Carlson